Wednesday, 15 July 2020

The American Heraldry Society

Fr. Guy Selvester has just announced elsewhere that the American Heraldry Society, which has been experiencing some "technical" difficulties lately, is alive and well:

"To any of you with an interest in American Heraldry and, specifically the American Heraldry Society...

If you've been wondering "What the heck happened?" to the AHS and all the activity we used to have then fear not. In the last month the existing Board of the AHS has met twice and we are building up a good head of steam to continue moving forward. Very soon there will be more news and information. In the mean time, the Society is not defunct. We are very much alive and looking forward, as well as making plans to begin a new chapter in the not too distant future. So, please hang on and you'll see that the AHS is still going!"

Membership of the Society has for quite some time been suspended but I look forward to it being resurrected, it is a society well worth joining. 

Their website can be found here: American Heraldry Society  

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