Monday 29 June 2015

A Celebration of Heraldry - The College of Arms Edition

Due to the successful publication of A Celebration of Scottish Heraldry, The Armorial Register Limited, publishers of The International Register of Arms, is inviting the submission of digital photographic material for the publication of a fully illustrated prestigious book A Celebration of Heraldry - The College of Arms Edition, dedicated to the many practical ways in which all Armigers of today with a grant of arms from The College of Arms enjoy and demonstrate their personal armorial bearings.

Whilst this book will be an armorial, it is not just an armorial; its main purpose is to illustrate the practical usage of armory by all who have a grant or devisal from The College. Wherever you are domiciled, if your arms are recorded in the College of Arms you are invited to submit photographs along with details of any armorial item you have made use of be it your Letters Patent, library painting, seal matrix, flag, cutlery, badges, silver and gold, wood carving, stone and other engraved items ……… As a bare minimum we would request that you illustrate your entry with an original grant or devisal of arms (be it honourary or substantive) or exemplification document (we would be happy to blank out addresses etc if you so wish). The book will have a similar layout to A Celebration of Scottish Heraldry and to give you a flavour of what A Celebration of Heraldry - The College of Arms Edition may consist of some examples can be found here.Not only is the publication a great way to show the various usage of Heraldry emanating from the College of Arms it will also benefit your favoured heraldic artists and craftsmen.

Participation in this project is FREE (although obviously there will be a cost associated with the purchase of the actual book if participants wish to acquire one). In you require further information or assistance please contact The Armorial Register Ltd.

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Friday 19 June 2015

A new armorial standard from South Africa.

The South African armorial bearings, badge and standard of Mr. Bob Juchter van Bergen Quast have recently been publicised on Facebook and I found it interesting to see how the Bureau have displayed the badge in the standard and also taken charges from the arms. I would be interested to see the blazon for the badge and for the standard to see how what appears to be the oval field of the badge is taken forward to become the first section of the standard. It is also an innovative (and very pleasing) use of the leopards' heads in the standard. It is good to see such design interpretations from The Bureau of Heraldry of South Africa; this may be breaking new ground.

Mr. Juchter van Bergen Quast had his arms, badge and standard registered with the Bureau of Heraldry in 2003. His arms were issued under certificate number 3370, while his badge and standard were received under certificate numbers 3371 and 3372, respectively.

Wednesday 10 June 2015

College of Arms Newsletter April 2024

 The latest College of Arms Newsletter for April 2024 is now online .

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