Saturday 23 February 2013

Rare? Possibly but is it really worth £129?

I've only recently begun to take an active interest in armorial bookplates; they can usually be found at quite reasonable prices and it's even possible to exchange contemporary bookplates with friends but this one seems, to me at least, to be priced at a rather unrealistic level.

An expensive bookplate

For sale on EBay and marked as a "Rare example of gunuine (sic) 17th century bookplate, probably from Germany, exceptionally rare in this condition, slightly age stained on reverse", try as I might I can't see what it is that might be so rare as to demand a price of £129.99. Admittedly, if it is a genuine 17th century bookplate it will have a certain rarity but 130 quid?

I look forward to seeing if it sells!

Friday 22 February 2013

The Pedigree of Domvile - in the archives of the office of Ulster King of Arms

I stumbled across these wonderful images last evening and though them too good to keep to myself.

The Pedigree of the Antient Honourable & Knightly Family of Domvile
of Santry and Templeogue in the County of Dublin

Deducing their descent directly and collaterally from Roger Domvile who followed the fortunes of William Duke of Normandy in his invasion and conquest of England to Sir Compton Domvile the present Baronet shewing their connection by marriage and descent with many illustrious and noble families both of England and Ireland.
A genealogical account of the families of Feypo and Mareward antient Barons of Scrine and Lords of Santry and of the noble family of De Barry Lords Barons of Santry
The whole compiled from the most authentic sources of information and authority and recorded in the archives of the office of Ulster King of Arms of all Ireland and now extracted therefrom.

Lots more to see here:

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