Friday, 21 April 2017

Cheshire Heraldry Society A.G.M.

Tomorrow is the Annual General Meeting of The Cheshire Heraldry Society and once again I shall be travelling to Macclesfield via my town of birth, Leek. Every time I make this journey I pass a very pleasant building, Les Hetres, 60 St Edward Street, (built in 1883 by William Sugden (1821-1892) & William Larner Sugden (1850-1901)). The house, said to have been built by a member of the Sleigh family, has a splendid Sleigh coat of arms on the front.

Arms: Gules, a chevron between three owls Argent beaked and membered Or.

Crest: A demi-lion rampant Argent holding a cross-crosslet fitchee Or ducally crowned Gold.

Motto: Sapere Aude (Dare to Know).

Just up the road, at the top of St.Edward's Street, as you would expect, is St.Edward's Church where, in the increasingly dim and distant past, I was Christened. In the church can be seen the Royal Arms.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow at the A.G.M. If time permits I shall give a brief talk on Cheshire's Feudal Government - A brief look at the heraldry of the Court of Hugh Lupus and other ecclesiastical heraldry of Cheshire.

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