Thursday 28 January 2010

Happy days - welcome Nicola.

As a pure personal indulgence and without apology for the fact that there is nought but a tenuous heraldic link, I bring to my reader the joyous news that on Saturday last we welcomed into our family Tom's new bride Nicola. The wedding took place in Newstead Abbey and without a doubt it was a wonderful day.

Tom and Nicola Goldstraw sign the marriage register 23rd January 2010

Tom & Nicola Goldstraw - the first dance at the wedding supper.


Thursday 14 January 2010


Posted on rec.heraldry yesterday:

In response to the calamitous earthquake that struck Haiti yesterday
evening, the College of Arms has decided that all proceeds arising
from future sales of The Armorial of Haiti: Symbols of Nobility in the
Reign of Henry Christophe (ISBN 978-09506980-2-1) will be donated to
the relief effort.
The book is an edition, with commentary, of an extraordinary heraldic
manuscript created in Haiti in the second decade of the nineteenth
century and now held in the College of Arms. It was published by the
College in 2007 and is available on-line for 45 pounds sterling (plus
despatch costs) at and
through Production costs for the book have been met, and
all sums received by the College over and above normal packing and
postage costs will be held for the benefit of a recognised charity
working towards the international relief effort, the charity to be
selected on the basis of official advice.
I would urge those who have not yet acquired a copy of this book to
consider doing so, and to mention it to others who may be interested
either in New World heraldry, in Caribbean history or specifically in
the politics and culture of Haiti. Doing so will raise money directly
for the relief of the nation that produced this unusual and
fascinating artefact.
If you have already purchased a copy of the book, or as an alternative
to doing so now, please consider donating directly to the effort to
the relief campaign through a charity of your choice.
Clive Cheesman
Rouge Dragon
College of Arms
Queen Victoria Street

Monday 11 January 2010

Changing Names and Changing Arms

This Saturday sees John E. Titterton FSA present the first Cheshire Heraldry Society lecture of 2010.

Changing Names and Changing Arms.

Details of the Society's lecture programme and venue can be found on the web page:

All are welcome whether member of the society or not.

A free heraldry symposium courtesy of the Yorkshire Heraldry Society

 The Yorkshire Heraldry Society will be hosting a free heraldry symposium on Saturday 20th April 2024 at Bradford Grammar School. You can do...

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