Saturday 8 June 2013

A Call to Arms - International Heraldry Day

There is a move afoot to promote an International Heraldry Day which, on the face of it, is to be commended. I'm all for anything that might just bring to the masses a better understanding of our hobby but I can't help feeling that there is such a low National awareness of heraldry (even in those countries where heraldry originated) that it will be an upward struggle. In addition, I can't help but feel that such an initiative is more likely to be hijacked by the bucket-shop family crest brigade.

I have often felt that local, National, initiatives might be better. It was good to see so many personal banners flying at "The Gathering" recently held in Edinburgh and I'd love to see English armigers (perhaps those members of The White Lion Society?) parading as a group with their personal banners at The Lord Mayor's Show in London. If it took off, it might be possible to repeat the same at similar regional events.

 We seem to be fighting a loosing battle with bucket-shops but I did like the screenshot warning someone on the International Heraldry Day website had created.

Not the way to do it.

I wish the promoters of International Heraldry Day the best of luck.

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