Thursday 23 July 2020

A demi-dragon, collared, holding a cross crosslet fitchee

This one has eluded me for years. It is a a crest featured above the front door of a house, on 30 Stockwell Street Leek, Staffordshire, opposite the old Cottage Hospital.

I visited Leek on Monday to take the photo and it looks to me to be a demi-dragon, collared, holding a cross crosslet fitchee. His wings appear to be charged with a number of smaller charges which I can’t make out. The Motto “Pro Cruce” is Latin and (roughly) translates as For the Cross. Any information gratefully appreciated. (I should say that although it looks as though it may be an original feature, there is always the possibility that it is a piece of architectural salvage added to the building at a later date in which case, it may have nothing to do with the history of the house itself!)

My first thought was that the motto could possibly be a pun on Crusso/Cruso, a notable local family, however, the only listed Crusso/Cruso coat of arms (Burke's General Armory) has a crest of a cross forme Or; there is no entry for Crusso/Cruso in the British Dictionary of Arms. 

Reading Blue Coat School has a similar crest (but not the same).

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