Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Bookplate - James Robinson Pease

Bookplate of James Robinson Pease  born  about 1825  died 1st Qtr 1888  Scarborough Yorkshire
1881 Census: Westwood House, Beverley St Mary, Yorkshire.

Birthplace: Hessle, Yorkshire, England. Husband of Louisa Frances Barkworth, Father of Harold Robinson Pease.

Pease (HesslewoodHouse Co. York): Vert, a chevron between three stags trippant Or, in the centre chief point a bezant, on a chief per fesse Gules and Argent, an eagle displayed counterchanged. Crest: An eagle's head erased Argent holding in the beak Or, a peascod Vert. Motto: Confide Recte Agens.

This one had gone AWOL from my collection but today I had occasion to use my Fairbairn's and out it slipped! I'm pleased it's turned up; I so seldom find a use for Fairbairn's that it might have remained missing for an awful long time.

Some details of the family can be found here: The Pease Family Homes

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