Wednesday 27 April 2022

Grants and registrations from the Chief Herald of Malta

It has come to my attention that the Chief Herald of Malta has now complied with the requirement to publish his grants and registrations for the previous year (in this case years). Details can be found on the following link however to see the actual records of grants and registrations you will have to scroll down quite a way. The transparency is refreshing however, I am disappointed that the Chief Herald has taken it upon himself to enhance foreign grants with coronets. It would seem that a Scottish baron, although not entitled to a coronet in Scotland, is somehow entitled to a Maltese coronet of rank. In addition,  he appears to have accepted Rwandan titles despite them being mere promissory notes from a now deceased King. He has, it seems added a veneer of officiality to what has otherwise been frowned upon. Why am I not surprised.

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