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Richard Grosvenor, Esquire, 1619.

 Richard Grosvenor, Esquire, 1619.

Arms: Quarterly of thirteen coats: 1, Azure, a garb Or [Grosvenor]; 2, Sable, a cross flory Argent [Pulford (the cross should possibly be patonce)]; 3, Azure, three pheasants Or [Fesant]; 4, Quarterly Argent and Sable, a cross flory counterchanged [Eaton]; 5, Vert, three stumps of trees, couped and eradicated Argent [Stockton]; 6, Argent, a bend Sable between three pellets [Cotton]; 7, Azure, an eagle displayed Argent [Cotton]; 8, Gules, three swords erect, two and one Argent, hilts Or [Waldeshef of Boylston]; 9, Or, six eagles displayed, three, two and one Sable, a canton Ermine [Basing]; 10, Argent, three birds (?falcons), close Gules; 11, Sable three owls Or; 12, Azure, two bars Argent [Venables*]; 13, Or, a fess Azure [Vernon].
Crest: A talbot statant Or.   

* Azure, two bars Argent recorded as the arms of Wilbraham in record of the arms of Grosvenor of Eaton in the Visitations of Cheshire 1663 however, the arms of Wilbraham have a canton upon which is a wolf's head.

** This coat also features in the arms of Grosvenor of Eaton in the 1663 Visitations however, the trees are recorded as Or.

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