Wednesday 23 September 2020

Keep off the Booths (sic)

The Booths have been in the news recently.

Of some Cheshire interest is the fact that Dr Claire Booth (aka Lady Ulster) is descended from the Booths of Twemlow. Lady Ulster is the the elder of two daughters and therefore a co-heiress, meaning that Booth arms will eventually be quartered with the Royal Arms (differenced for Gloucester, D).

Coat of arms of Alexander Windsor, Earl of Ulster, marshalling his wife's ancient patrilineal Booth family arms. Image produced for Wikipedia by Vanderchenok.

While we're on the subject of the Booths, the January 2020 Newsletter of The College of Arms records the grant of arms, crest and badge to BOOTH, Edwin John, of Osbaldeston, Lancashire, CBE, DL. Garter and Norroy and Ulster Kings of Arms. 6/11//2019. College reference: Grants 182/209.

Sadly, as usual, there is no further information so we can only speculate as to the blazon. This is a grant of arms to Edwin Booth of supermarket-fame (he's adopted).

Way back in August 2008 I wrote about revising the image of the arms of the Booths of Allerton Beeches for Burke's Peerage but it seems that the present owners of the Burke's brand are now considering a further print volume and they are requesting non digital images; not quite sure how I'll deal with that one and I'm not quite sure how the general peerage/baronetage will react to such a request. I'll give it some thought. 

Meanwhile, the photo below was kindly sent to me by Richard Adamson and it records the visit to the UK, in autumn last year, of Sir Douglas Booth Bt. It was taken in Lincolns Inn.

From Left to Right.
Dr. Donald Adamson (Richard's Father), Mark Watson-Gandy (Richard's Cousin), 
Sir Douglas Booth and Richard Adamson. 

In case you're wondering, the Adamsons are related to the Booths and I've worked with Richard on a couple of heraldic projects (it was Richard who asked me to update the Booth arms for the Burke's entry back in 2008).

[According to Wikipedia] The Booth Baronetcy, of Allerton Beeches in the City of Liverpool, was created in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom on 24 January 1916 for Sir Alfred Allen Booth, a Director of Alfred Booth and Company and Chairman of the Cunard Steamship Company. He was a member of a cadet branch of the ancient Cheshire family, being descended via the Booths of Twemlow. The title is held by his grandson, Sir Douglas Booth, 3rd Baronet, who succeeded his father in 1960. He is a television and film writer living in the United States with his wife and two daughters. The eminent Victorian social researcher and philanthropist Charles Booth, uncle of Sir Alfred Booth, 1st Baronet, much to Gladstone's dismay, declined a seat in the House of Lords as a Viscount. Dr Claire Booth, wife of Alex Ulster, also descends from this family.

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