Friday 15 August 2008

The Booth baronets of Allerton Beeches, Liverpool.

Since the image I produced of the Leigh coat was released to public view at the Burke’s Peerage and Gentry online site I have been asked to produce another image with a Cheshire pedigree.

Burke’s are in the process of updating the entry for the Booth baronets of Allerton Beeches, Liverpool. They descend from the Booths of Twemlow and it is intended to incorporate this descent along with an update of the Booth-Jones family (who last appeared in BLG 1952) along with other Booths descended from the Twemlow line. This updated pedigree will also detail the Booths of Dunham Massey, and as such, will no doubt be a most interesting pedigree to read.

The revised and updated project has been prompted by Sir Douglas Booth, the present baronet, with the genealogical work being undertaken by Hugh Peskett. The present baronet has asked that the image hitherto shown on the family entry be redone. Garter has confirmed that Sir Alfred Allen Booth's grant of arms in 1916 was not "in lieu" of the ancient arms thus, since Sir Alfred seemed to be something of a revisionist, Sir Doug wishes to revert to the old arms but with the same motto as used by his family.

My modest contribution to the updated entry is the new image which reverts back to the original arms used by the family. Garter was quite content that cadency marks were unnecessary as it was felt that the arms were adequately identified by the inclusion of the baronet’s escutcheon. 

Booth baronets of Allerton Beeches, Liverpool

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