Tuesday 28 July 2020

The Adderley Monument

Following on from my earlier report of my perambulations around Leek, the town of my birth, on Monday the 20th July last, I reported that I managed to take a look inside the Church of St. Edward the Confessor (open for viewing and private prayer on Mondays and Fridays). 

Immediately inside the porch, on the left, but difficult to photograph as it is obscured by the large and heavy entrance door when open, is The Adderley Monument. 

I'm afraid that a larger image really wouldn't help as I had to bend around the open door and attempt a "wild" shot of a photograph so it isn't really very good at all however, the arms are as follows:

1st & 4th Adderley, quartering 2nd Bowyer and 3rd Bagnall. On a shield of pretence 1st, Arderne, 2nd Mills, 3rd Cotton, 4th Sleigh.
Crest: Adderley (on a chapeau Gules turned up Ermine a stork Argent.)

1) Adderley (of Hame Hall): Argent, on a bend Azure three mascles of the field.
2) Bowyer (Knypersley Co. Stafford): Argent, a lion rampant between three crosses crosslet  fitchee Gules. 
3) Bagnall: Sable, within an orle of martlets Argent, an inescutcheon Ermine charged with a leopards face Gules. (N.B.) I need to double check this as these arms could have been Per saltire Or and Ermine a lion rampant Azure (in which case the arms are for Bagnall of Broseley).

Note to self: I need to return and take notes for this one as the photograph really is no good!  

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