Wednesday 21 February 2018

Father and daughter Case/Coney

It is not unusual, when researching anything heraldic, to come across possible errors which provide a conundrum and last evening, when emblazoning a few more images for the Lancashire and Cheshire Funeral Certificates project, I completed those of Mr. Thomas Case (d. 1634) and his daughter Mrs. Dorothy Coney (also d. 1634/5). The arms of the father were recorded as Argent, on a bend Gules cotised Sable, three round buckles Or and one would expect his daughter, when displaying her paternal arms, to display an identical achievement. It seems however, if we can take the records of the certificates as accurate (and I'm not at all sure that we can), that she had a slightly differenced version, displaying the bend Gules as a bend engrailed Gules. Given that both certificates were completed by Randle Holme at Chester (the one for the father on 26th August 1634 and the one for the daughter the following 26th January 1634/5) can we assume that it was not an error? Is it an error in transcription from the original?

Burke's General Armory records the arms of Case (Ince; and Red Hazels, co. Lancaster, and Thingwall Hall, near Liverpool) as Argent, on a bend engrailed Gules cottised Sable, three round buckles Or - so it may well be that it was either a transcription error or, Randle Holmes recorded it incorrectly. In addition, although the tincture of the sleeve is missing in the certificates record, Burke's records the crest as A cubit arm habited Ermine, cuff Argent, holding in the hand proper, a round buckle Or.

Although the likelihood is that the arms of the father have been recorded incorrectly, I have nevertheless emblazoned both images according to the record published by John Paul Rylands in 1882.

Mr. Thomas Case, 1634.
Arms: Argent, on a bend Gules cotised Sable, three round buckles Or.
Crest: A cubit arm erect, vested ....., cuff Argent, the hand proper, holding a round buckle Or.
Motto: Distantia Ungit.

Mrs. Dorothy Coney, 1634.
Arms: Argent, on a bend engrailed Gules, between two plain cottises Sable, three round buckles Or.

These are the arms of Case. She was the daughter of Thomas Case.

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