Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Family and Soul: Memorial, Commemoration and the English Parish Church

The Cheshire Heraldry Society is pleased to announce that our next talk, to be held on Saturday March 17th, is sponsored by The Heraldry Society and is actually a preliminary showing of The Heraldry Society's own April Lecture.

The talk, to be given by Dr John Hunt of the Department of History,University of Birmingham is:

Family and Soul: Memorial, Commemoration and the English Parish Church

'Cult of memory' and 'cult of family' form the basis of this lecture, within the perceived continuum of the temporal and spiritual worlds, mutually supportive of each other. It will be primarily concerned with elites in local society, mainly gentry and knightly families, and how they were remembered and commemorated within the context of English parish churches, particularly but not exclusively in the western midlands.

If you can't manage a trip to London in April, why not come to Macclesfield, we are well served by train and we would be delighted to receive your support; this will be an excellent talk by a learned speaker and your opportunity to hear it first.

The meeting will be held at Townley Street Schoolroom, Townley Street, Macclesfield, starting at 2.30 pm, (room opens at 2.00 pm) followed by refreshments. The venue is but a short walk from the Railway Station and there is a Pay and Display car park 100 yds away.

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