Monday 5 March 2012

Heraldry in the news.

I've had quite a busy week since my talk on the arms used by the Town Council of Knutsford. It was an absolute pleasure to meet with the staff and volunteers from the Knutsford Heritage Centre who, along with an attentive audience, made me most welcome. Photos were taken with a view to reporting on the series of talks given during February and I was rather surprised, upon my return from holiday (I had a marvelous week with my extended family), to find that the Knutsford Guardian had published a wee bit about the talk. One of the most enjoyable aspects of giving a talk on heraldry is that it presents the opportunity to answer questions; I am very pleased to report that the Knutsford audience took full advantage of the session to satisfy their curiosity both general and specific to the town arms.

I reproduce here the photo used in the article; I am smiling honest!

 Martin Goldstraw with audience member Dorothy Webster looking at an old Knutsford guide book

With me is Dorothy Webster and we are  looking at an old Knutsford guide book.

Photo courtesy Knutsford Heritage Centre/Knutsford Guardian.

I really do recommend a visit to the heritage Centre.

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