Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A long shot - Will's Cigarette Cards - Arms of Public Schools

Some time ago I stumbled across a couple of Will's Cigarette Picture-Card Albums at our usual visit to a local antique fair; I paid six pounds for the two albums, which I think was a bargain. Both albums, at first glance appeared to be complete. The first album, The Arms of Companies, is complete but the second album, The Arms of Public Schools, has a cheeky duplication which lent the initial appearance of being complete. After I got home, whilst relaxing over the compulsory cuppa, I noticed that the card for Shrewsbury School was a duplication. After some online searching I discovered that the missing card is that of Edinburgh Academy. Now comes the quest to obtain the missing card!

Wills’s Arms of Public Schools

This series was issued by Will's Cigarettes UK in 1906.

I have a spare Shrewsbury School but need Edinburgh Academy to complete the set.

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