Friday 28 October 2011

A well travelled wolf with winning ways.

Way back in September 2008 I helped Cheshire born and bred motor cycle racer Rob Dixon to design a Cheshire emblem for his bike and he promised to send me a photo of the emblem being used in anger. I'm pleased to report that today I received a very pleasant email from Rob accompanied by that very photo.

Dixon logo

In his email Rob said that "the bike is a 1979 Laverda  which is raced in Endurance events in Italy with the Italian Laverda team. It's a long drive from Cheshire to get to the events but the weather makes it worth the effort. The picture was taken at the Varano circuit, close to Bologna, last weekend. I'm afraid it retired from the race due to technical problems . Last year we won the 500cc championship so some you win , some you lose. The wolf's head emblem often attracts comments and I'm always proud to say it's a symbol of Cheshire. Italians like that sort of stuff. I write for Classic Bike magazine and the bike is featured quite prominently in the current issue proudly displaying it's Cheshire connection."

Close up of Rob Dixon’s Cheshire emblem


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