Thursday 3 March 2011

Wanted. Facsimilie edition.

If anyone knows of a copy of "The Vale-Royall of England, or, The County Palatine of Chester Illustrated (publ. D. King, 1656; facsimile reprint 1972)" which is offered for sale I would be most grateful to hear of it. I have a pdf scanned copy of the original which otherwise would be way out of my pocket* but would very much like to have this facsimilie not least because it has notes and comments upon the life of the publisher, Daniel King.

I'm not interested in the copy of this offered by Amazon as it is simply an OCR scanned print on demand book and as such it contains no images and includes all sorts of marks on the original which the OCR has interpreted as wierd and wonderful characters.  The OCR can't distinguish between a letter and a smudge!

I once made the mistake of ordering Charles Norton Elvin's "A Dictionary of Heraldry : With Upwards of Two Thousand Five Hundred Illustrations" from General Books via Amazon. I caution all would be buyers of this book not to fall into the same trap I did. I naively thought that it would be a facsimile reprint of the original and do what it says on the cover i.e. "With upwards of two thousand five hundred illustrations". When you get the book, you find that it is a print on demand item and the small print inside tells you that it is a scan of an original using OCR software which can not interpret images. In short, it has none!

Perhaps I missed it on the Amazon page but I was tempted to report this to Trading Standards ... after all, the cover states that the book has upwards of two thousand five hundred illustrations. It's only when you get it that you find it doesn't have any at all! 

*According to the introduction in the 1972 reprint an original copy of the book sold at auction in 1975 for £255 which, according to the financial calculator provided by this is money dot com, would be £1953 in today's money!

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