Friday, 14 May 2010

City of Chester Charter Trustees

All this recent talk about the City of Chester's Sheriff reminds me that since the reorganisation of local government in Cheshire, ceremonial  items and functions which had previously been held by, and the responsibility of, the former municipal borough of Chester are presently held by The City of Chester Charter Trustees. It is they who, until a parish council is set up for the city of Chester, retain the right to appoint the city Mayor and Sheriff and it is they who hold on trust the armorial bearings granted to the municipal city until they can be assigned lawfully to another corporation (which would be a parish council).


The arms of the City of Chester

Image from Joseph Hemingway's "History of the City of Chester" published 1831  

In 1977 the city council was regranted a "differenced" version of the sixteenth century arms of the predecessor Corporation of the City and County Borough of Chester.

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