Monday, 30 November 2009

A new grant of arms for Cheshire East in the pipeline?

I noticed the other day that opinion from the recently formed Cheshire East Council's legal department (as recorded in Minute 7:11 of the Cabinet Meeting dated 24th March 2009) advised that "The Council Seal will include the official name Cheshire East Borough Council, but for the time being it be plain and just include those words. Usually councils have armorial bearings that are used on the seal. It would not be appropriate to adopt the logo for these purposes. This can be updated when a grant of arms is secured when armorial bearings can feature on the seal".

 Given that this minute lends the reader to a positive opinion that a grant of armorial bearings for the Borough will be sought, I wrote to the Council asking what progress, if any, has been made towards this end?

I am pleased to report that the Borough's Democratic Services Officer, Brian Reed, has informed me that the papers are currently with the College of Heralds and that the Borough awaits the preparation of the formal Petition for signature and submission, following which they expect to receive the formal Grant of Arms.


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