Thursday 11 August 2022

The Barons Brereton

 I have been informed by a friend of the Cheshire Heraldry website, Michael Furlong, that a French auction site is offering for sale a painting which appears to be the arms of the Barons Brereton.

Described as a "Coat Of Arms Painted On Parchment, Italy 17th Century". Coat of arms painted on parchment Italy 17th century. Gilt wood frame.

Coat Of Arms Painted On Parchment, Italy 17th Century. Price: 1500 €

Period: 17th century. Style: Louis 14th, Regency. Condition: Excellent condition. 

Material: Parchment: Width: 36 cm Height: 44.5 cm

Reference: 673578

A.J Antiquités

The 2nd and 3rd quarters appear to be "Or, three piles conjoined in base Gules"

I'm not sure where the Italian reference came from but many thanks to Michael for alerting me to it.

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