Friday 14 May 2021

Squirrels & Chevrons; The Arms of the Descendants of Lidulph de Twemlow.

 I shall be presenting a Zoom talk on behalf of The Oxford University Heraldry Society on Thursday 3rd June titled: Squirrels & Chevrons; The Arms of the Descendants of Lidulph de Twemlow.

Seaton, in his book The Law and Practice of Heraldry in Scotland, in discussing origins of the assumption of surnames states that: "During the middle ages, it was a common practice for younger sons, instead of retaining their patronymic, to adopt the names of their estates or places of residence. thus, a member of the English family of Botteville, from whom the Marquis of Bath is descended, adopted the name of John of the Inne, or Thynne, from the circumstances of his having resided at one of the Inns of Court. Camden, in his Remaines, illustrates the extent of this custom by an instance of a Cheshire family, in which no fewer than nine changes of surname took place in only three generations of male descendants, soon after the Conquest." In my talk, I illustrate this example.

To register for this talk, you need to visit the Oxford University Heraldry website: 

The link will then be sent to you a few days before the event.

When I first put together the talk, I had not identified some of the quartered coats of Cliff, or Clive of Huxley but I have now done so. Rather than alter the presentation, I make note of the additions here.

Cliff or Clive of Huxley
Arms: Quarterly of six coats -
1 and 6 Argent on a fesse between three wolves' heads erased Sable as many mullets Or.
2. Ermine on a bend cotised Gules three crescents Or. [Huxley]
3. [Sable] three garbs [Or]. [Styche]
4. Gules, a lion rampant Or between three crosses formee fitchee Argent.
5. Quarterly Argent and Sable four cocks counterchanged. *

1. Crest:  On a mount Vert a griffin passant Argent, ducally gorged Gules.
2. Crest: A wolf's head erased quarterly per pale indented Argent and Sable.

* The 5th Quarter is mentioned in the pedigree of Stuche (Styche) in the Visitations of Shropshire 1569 to 1584; Alice daughter and heir of Eduind Broughton of Broughton. Arms: Quarterly Argent and Sable four cocks counterchanged. The arms of William Stuche (Styche) are recorded, in that entry as Sable, three garbs Or. The heading of the Stuche pedigree gives the arms of Will'us Wlonkeslow de Wlonkeslow (Longslow) in com. Salop. Arms : Gules, a lion rampant Or crowned Argent between three crosses formee fitchee of the last. It would appear therefore that quarters 3, 4 and 5 are all brought into the Cliff family by Styche.


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