Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Heraldic Puns abound in Cheshire - Shalcross of Stowshaw

Perhaps to our more modern eyes not entirely of the first division, the arms of Shalcross of Stowshaw, a cadet of Shalcross of Shalcross in Derbyshire, made his pun less easily; nevertheless his saltire cross between four golden rings* in red is a fair example of the humour which the medieval armorists did not disdain.

Shalcross of Stowshaw
Arms: Gules, a saltire between four annulets Or, a crescent for difference.
Crest: A martlet Or, holding in the beak a cross formee fitchee Gules, a crescent for difference.  

* For my reader who still hasn't got the pun, in the marriage vows, where rings are exchanged, substitute "I will" for "I shall" .

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