Tuesday, 27 October 2020

 Double Tressure: The very first Newsletters of The Heraldry Society of Scotland

These are the original newsletters of The Heraldry Society of Scotland following its formation on 12th February 1977.
**They are well thumbed and therefore are quite "grubby" and frayed at the edges - in other words, they are showing their age but are nevertheless original records of the beginnings of the Society. Some pages are missing.**
No. 1 August 1977 contains details of the formation of the Society, its officers and a complete list of the names and addresses of the founding members (no Data Protection Act then!). 16 pages
No. 2 March 1978 24 pages
No. 2 August 1978 28 pages (regrettably pages 2,3, 24,25 are missing)
No. 4 March 1979 14 pages.
On the inside back cover is the bookplate of William Ralph McClaymont Adams, one of the elected office bearers.

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