Monday 8 June 2020

The Heraldry of the Cheshire & Lancashire Funeral Certificates 1600 to 1678

I have just let loose on the world another one of my talks. Admittedly it is a bit long but feel free to pause it and have a cuppa whenever you want.

This talk is about Cheshire & Lancashire Funeral Certificates A.D. 1600 to 1678 (…A selection of…) It features illustrations of a selection of the armorial bearings of the Cheshire and Lancashire gentry whose Funerals were certified by representatives of the College of Arms.
Funeral Certificates were taken pursuant to the “Orders to be observed and kept by the Officers of Arms made by the High and Mighty Prince Thomas, Duke of Norfolk, Earl Marischall of England Ano 1568, the 18th day of July in the 10th year of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth. Wherein it is ordered that every King of Arms, Herald, or pursuivant that shall serve at any funeral …. Shall bring into the library or office of arms a true and certain Certificate under the hands of the executors and mourners that shall be present at the said funeral containing the day of the death, the place of burial of the person so deceased; and also to whom he or she was married, what issue they had, what years they were of at the time of the said burial and to whom they were married, to the extent that the said certificate may be registered and so remain as a perpetual record in the said office for ever.

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