Tuesday 20 August 2019

The Mortimer Society

Posted on behalf of The Mortimer Society: The Mortimer History Society and the Friends of Ludlow Museum are pleased to present The Ludlow Castle Heraldic Roll: A Mirror into Tudor Times a joint conference to be held in Ludlow Methodist Church on Saturday 5th October

In 1574 Sir Henry Sidney, Lord President of the Council of Wales in the Marches, set up 46 coats of arms in the round chapel in Ludlow castle. These included previous owners of the castle, previous lords president, and all 22 current members of the Council. This collection of arms was substantially added to, over the years, and were still around in the 18th century when Mytton recorded them. Unfortunately, they subsequently disappeared completely and we were just left with Mytton's descriptions.

What none of us realised, however, is that Sir Henry had all the original coats of arms copied onto a roll of parchment and, quite fortuitously, we "discovered" this roll in 2015. Following an appeal, the roll was purchased and conserved; excellent paper copies have been made and much research has been done on the heraldry, on the people and on the roll itself.

At this conference we will be telling the story of the roll and setting it in its Tudor context. The roll itself will be on display and we are expecting that the book we've written about it will be published in time.

For full details of the conference and how to book go to mortimerhistorysociety.org.uk/index.php/2019-roll or telephone Philip Hume on 01584 831654.

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