Tuesday 30 May 2017

And for my father

My father is presently uppermost in my mind as he is most unwell and has recently entered a hospice to ensure that during his remaining days he receives the very best of care. There are many things we all mean to do, or share, with our loved ones and somehow, time moves on and we never really get around to doing them. I am very aware that this is an heraldic blog and in a moment I'll share something heraldic but first, my one (perhaps somewhat silly) none heraldic regret is that I never got a chance to sit down with him to watch the 2013 Disney version of The Lone Ranger. When I was a very young boy my bedtime routine with my father was that he would tell me stories and many were about the Lone Ranger; I loved the way he told them. Children, especially boys, of the 1950's will understand that we were bombarded with T.V. movies and programmes about the "wild west". I know that he would have appreciated the humour of the 2013 version and I remember him telling me about "the silver bullet". Oh well, I shall always have that memory and, even if I don't get the chance to share the film, watching it by myself will always remind me of him.

Back to heraldry. I finally got around to asking Ljubodrag to produce a version of my arms to be used by courtesy by my father per the precedent set by Innes of Learney some years ago. Herewith the Goldstraw arms debruised by a label enarched of one point for difference. I raise a glass to you Dad.

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