Friday 6 November 2015

A sneak preview of an armorial facsimile.

Shh. Just for you,here is a sneak preview of the latest project I am involved with via The Armorial Register Limited.

The Lyndsay of The Mount Armorial 1542.

This book is a new and updated facsimile of the original 1822 and subsequent 1878 facsimiles of an ancient heraldic manuscript owned by Sir David Lyndsay of the Mount, Lyon King of Arms, first published in 1822 by W & D Laing and edited originally by Sir David, Laing, LLD.
The original manuscript was emblazoned and completed by Sir David Lindsay in 1542, the year he was appointed Lyon King of Arms however, prior to that date he had already been acting in the capacity of Lyon albeit unofficially. The roll also contains other shields that appear to have been added at a later date sometime in the 16th century.

This new book contains 172 pages with 145 A4 plates with 490 individual achievements the Roll covers all of Scotland including some Highland entries, as well as a some attributed arms and the arms of European Royalty. This important document is the earliest known extant official Register of Arms in Scotland.

The Armorial Register Limited has retained the original alphabetical index by page along with the essential translates text written by Lindsay in his originals although we have corrected a few errors found in the original index.

ISBN: 978-0-9568157-4-3

The book is available from The Armorial Register Limited at a price of £49:00 plus post & packaging.

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