Friday 10 April 2015

International Heraldry Day

Happy International Heraldry Day (June 10th).

The organisers of International Heraldry Day have today announced that the event is armigerous.

[quote] We are pleased to announce that Celebrate Heraldry - International Heraldry Day has assumed arms, a second badge, a flag and a seal. In a genuinely international cooperative effort all have been emblazoned and are being registered today with the US Heraldic Register (20150410A) and The Armorial Register - International Register of Arms (0327) (registrations to be online as soon as possible). With much gratitude to Danilo Martins (Brazil), Alexander Liptak (United States), Tomasz Steifer (Poland), Ljubodrag Grujic (Serbia), Chas Charles-Dunne (UK), Phil Blanton (US), John Duncan of Sketraw (UK), Martin Goldstraw (UK), Paul Lindsay (Australia), and The International Association of Amateur Heralds (International - Belgium). We proudly present to you the armory and flag of International Heraldry Day. These images are available for use in the Celebration of Heraldry and the Promotion of International Heraldry Day (Please watch the IHD FB page for further postings of items available via Zazzle should you desire an item to help promote IHD - we are loading them as we can.). [End Quote]

Congratulations to all the artists involved.

Details of the Armorial Register entry can be found here.

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