Sunday, 4 May 2014

Oh how disappointing ... for a Heraldry Addict anyway!

Having just returned from a few days away I was pleased to notice that among the many brown envelopes waiting to greet me on the door mat was the package containing the quarterly membership magazine and journal from the British Association for Local History. My expectations of a good read rose quite considerably when I saw the photograph on the front cover of their magazine Local History News.  Atcham Bridge with the armorial bearings of (the now defunct) Shropshire County Council. I set the magazine aside and promised myself a good read when I next sneaked a cuppa. It's not often matters heraldic are discussed in Local History magazines.

Local History News

Later in the morning I sat down, cup in hand, full of anticipation expecting to read something about the bridge and the armorial bearings of Shropshire County Council.

Oh dear! The inside cover proclaimed " Cover Picture, Atcham Bridge (1774) near Shrewsbury on 11th February 2014 showing exceptionally high flood levels on the River Severn (copyright James P. Bowen) see article p 9". The article in question ......   "Extreme Weather Events" !

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