Thursday 13 February 2014

Tomlinson's The Heraldry of Cheshire

On Saturday I will be in Macclesfield talking about Knutsford. I'll be giving the same talk I gave to the good people of the town of Knutsford but this time to the members and guests of The Cheshire Heraldry Society. The talk, called Lyon's can't read! The Civic Arms of Knutsford Explained, is based (as you would expect given the title) on the arms designed for Knutsford by H. E. Tomlinson.  

H. Ellis Tomlinson was a one off, a real character. He was born in Cheshire, and moved to the Fylde in 1928 when his father was posted to ICI at Thornton. He attended Baines' as a boy, became Senior Prefect in 1933, and returned as a master in 1940 becoming a legend in his own lifetime affectionately known to generations of boys as 'Toss.'

In his spare time he followed Blackpool FC all over the country starting a love affair with the club when he first arrived in the Fylde up until his last game shortly before his death, a span of 68 years. In 1987 he was asked to write the Centenary History of the club entitled Seasiders: The First 100 Years. At a centenary exhibition at the Grundy Art Gallery he signed copies of his book in his characteristic purple ink and mixed equally well with players and supporters alike.

Outside of teaching and football he was one of the country's leading heraldic experts, having been commissioned to design Coats of Arms for countless local authorities, councils, and a myriad of sporting bodies at home and abroad.

I have a copy of his booklet The Heraldry of Cheshire but if you want to read it it can now be read for free on-line.

The Heraldry of Cheshire

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