Thursday 23 January 2014

Artist says farewell to heraldry

I am shocked to learn that Andrew Stewart Jamieson has decided to lay down his heraldic paint brush and will no longer be taking any more commercial commissions to paint armorial bearings. The information has come straight from the horse’s mouth (so to speak) as Andrew has recently made the announcement on his “Queen’s Scribe and Illuminator” Facebook page.

There is no doubt that Andrew is an excellent artist and I’m sure that his work, which is always a joy to see, will be greatly missed however, of late, he appears to have unfortunately been embroiled in a great deal of controversy and seems to have been in disagreement with quite a few people over what can and can’t be regarded as “heraldic art”. It also appears that many have also felt that Andrew’s use of the title “Queen’s Scribe and Illuminator” has been unwarrantably self assumed* when it appears that no Royal Warrant is actually held. It is to be hoped that it was not these continued unfortunate conflicts which caused Andrew to withdraw from heraldic work. No one likes to see petty squabbles taking place in their chosen hobby.

Jamieson Withdrawal

Those who are now in need of a good and reputable heraldic artist to replace the void left by Andrew might like to consider Sally Mangum.

*Sally Mangum has a Royal Warrant and is therefore fully entitled to say that she is Calligrapher to Her Majesty the Queen.

Quote "Calligrapher Sally Mangum has a way with words—she makes them beautiful, and surrounds the letter forms with richly colored designs. And she does this for some of the most prestigious customers in the world, including the British Lord Chamberlain’s office.

As holder of a “royal warrant” for calligraphy, Sally displays the royal coat of arms on her business cards and letterhead. But she doesn’t advertise, as referrals bring her business."

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