Friday, 4 October 2013

Books One, CDs Nil !

A friend of mine, who to save embarrassment shall remain nameless, has just replied to my notification that I have recently published facsimile copies of The Visitations of Shropshire by sending  me the following message:

“Good luck with the Visitations of Shropshire. Some time ago I purchased Vols1 & 2 on a CD, so don't need it. //snip// I was surprised not to find a reference in the 1623 Visitation to the Clives of Styche as they were there from the time of Henry II. Any thoughts?”

My reply:

“I find it much easier to find my way around a book (you can't take a CD to bed with you for bed time reading) and perhaps that is why you failed to find the Clives of Styche. It is all down to spelling. See page 121 (volume 1): Clyve (with a Y) of Walford and Styche co. Salop, and Huxley co Chester. You will see that there are four and a bit pages of information and pedigree.
It is precisely because I find a book far more convenient for research that I have produced the facsimiles. Much easier to reach over to the book shelf and open up a book than have to wait for a CD to load and then find and load another if I need to make a cross reference.”

The Heraldic Visitations of Shropshire Volume 1
One Nil to the Books I think ;-)

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