Monday 15 October 2012

Goldstraw Bookplate - artist Ljubodrag Grujc

I am pleased to show off my new bookplate produced to my own design and interpreted by Ljubodrag Grujic (who was a delight to deal with).

The inspiration behind the design came from the bookplate of William Henry Weldon, when Norroy King of Arms. I asked Ljubodrag to create two versions, one in colour because I think that colour best imparts the message I wished to convey and one in black and white to compare with the Weldon bookplate which provided inspiration.

These are the two Goldstraw bookplates.

(These smaller images don't really do justice to Ljubodrag's excellent work).

The viewer is looking at a field of straw (stalks of threshed grain). This is a hidden rebus – straw is golden in colour. To the left of the bookplate at almost full height is a Garb encircled by the coronet of an English Earl (without the cap). This is to signify fealty to the Earls of Chester and is the badge/logo I adopted many years ago for my Cheshire Heraldry website. Leaning against the garb (on the left) is the Goldstraw shield and hanging from the top visible corner of the shield is the neck ribbon and cross of a Knight “jure sanguinis” of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St. George. The rest is, I believe, self explanatory.

My thanks to Ljubodrag.

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