Tuesday 17 January 2012

Parliament Logo should be axed says "adviser"!

 It must be the silly season again. Despite the fact that we are in a financial depression we appear to still be spending money on salaries for people in such public posts as chairman of the Speaker’s Advisory Council on Public Engagement. Yesterdays Telegraph newspaper reported that Dr Jonathan Drori, chairman of the Speaker’s Advisory Council on Public Engagement has told MPs that the Parliamentary "logo" is “hardly welcoming”.


A typical display of the usual ignorance. It isn't (as we here all know) "the parliamentary logo"; it is but one of the many Royal badges used by parliament with the permission of the Crown. Parliament can if it so wishes take yet another step to divorce itself from its historical links with the Crown and spend countless (useless) thousands of pounds commissioning a marketing company to devise for it a rather twee fashionable logo which will doubtless have to be changed again and again to keep it "up to date and politically correct" or, if it chooses to be more rational, it can simply ignore the advice of Dr Jonathan Drori altogether and find other, more productive, ways to spend my hard earned tax pound. We are after all in a recession!   

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