Saturday, 4 June 2011

DIY Coat of Arms

The Victoria & Albert Museum has an online programme which "lets you design your own coat of arms step by step". I was tempted to be highly critical and quite possibly it does deserve to be criticised heavily but it's a simple programme which obviously has its shortfalls and is probably aimed at children (at least I hope it is!) so I'll go easy on it. It's easy to use and will no doubt provide an introduction to heraldry to more than one child.

I couldn't recreate my own arms because for some reason it doesn't have Argent as a starting tincture for the field and frustratingly it only allows you to place charges on the ordinary without an option to place them directly on the field. Overall not brilliant but if it introduces just one youngster to our hobby then it has to be worth it.

 The programme promised to email me my finished arms so if I ever get them I'll post them here.

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