Saturday, 12 February 2011

What a rip off!

A recently developed, fast growing, expose web site has recently caught my eye and I believe that is well worth sharing with my reader.

It's quite possible that most people who treat themselves or their loved ones to their "one square foot of Scotland" don't really take the blurb about being able to call themselves a Lord (corrupted and wholly incorrect form of Laird) or Lady all that seriously; it is quite certain that even if you did own one square foot of Scottish land you would not legally be considered a Laird ... the very thought that you could is quite laughable. But the worrying thing is that some may actually believe that they are a Lord, that they do in fact own a piece of Scotland and what's more they have a piece of paper proving it. I can not believe that this is so.

Ownership of such a small piece of land can't legally be recorded in the Scottish Land Register so what are they actually purchasing? The land legally still belongs to the original owner and as far as I can see there is nothing to stop him, if he so wished, selling it all on to someone else.

My real  worry is that those who purchase these "Lairdships" are funding the lifestyle of the vendor in return for a worthless promise.

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