Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Latest update: Cholmondeley of Cholmondeley

Cholmondeley of Cholmondeley  Arms: Quarterly
1. Gules, in chief two esquires helmets Argent and in base a garb Or.
2. Lozengy Argent and Azure, a bend Gules, fretty Or. [Cheney]
3. Argent three capons Sable. [Capenhurst]
4. Quarterly Argent and Gules, in the second and third quarters a fret Or. [Dutton]
5. Argent, on a bend Gules three escarbuncles Or. [Thornton]
6. Vert a cross engrailed Ermine. [Kingsley]
7. Or, a saltire Sable. [Helsby]
8. Azure, on a chevron between three garbs Or, a crescent for cadency. [Hatton]
9. Azure, an estoile within the horns of a crescent Argent. [Minshull]

Crest: A demi-griffin segreant Sable, holding in the claws a helmet as in the arms Argent.                                       

Hugh, born 1661, created baron Cholmondeley of Witch Malbank 10th April 1689.

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