Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Great Minds Think Alike ?

I was talking to a friend on the telephone this morning and the subject of the arms and badge of the new Cheshire East Council cropped up. I have always maintained that the simple design of a garb encircled by an eastern crown for the badge was inspirational and I was saying so to my friend this morning. I was also musing that when I first saw the design I thought that it was somewhat familiar but couldn't put my finger on it when he reminded me about the very early logo I used for the Cheshire Heraldry web site way back in 2004. The design I used back then had totally slipped my mind (it's an age thing!) but, having been reminded, I checked (the image can still be seen by using the internet's way back machine provided by - click here to see it) and now remember choosing a simple garb encircled by a crest coronet and choosing to break the tincture rules and thus claim it as a logo and avoid it being thought of as an unauthorised badge. If my reader will allow, I will indulge my pride (just this once) by proclaiming that not only do great minds think alike but perhaps on this occasion at least I can also claim to have got there first.  

Cheshire Heraldry old logo - a comparison with Cheshire East

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