Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The earl of Macclesfield

I suspect that I'm no different to most heraldry addicts in that I regularly search for other addicts contributions to the world of heraldry. Yesterday, a Cheshire link caught my eye on David Appleton's excellent blog.

It's surprising where heraldry with links to Cheshire fetches up and David's blog entry reminded me that I hadn't yet found a home on the web for the image I made some time ago of the arms of the earl of Macclesfield.

The armorial bearings of the earl of Macclesfield

My reader will already know that I have a fondness for Cheshire heraldry but I have another sort of (very tenuous)link with the earl of Macclesfield (of the second creation). We were both born in Leek. That however is where our career paths separated!

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