Monday 19 July 2010

Name and Arms 1825 - Under the hammer.

Recently sold on Ebay (12th July 2010) for a final bid of £155.87 and postage and packing of £8.00 Letters Patent to Richard Orford granting permission to use the name and arms of Robert Holt. Described by the vendor as being "an original scroll from the Royal College of Arms in London. The scroll is dated 1825. It gives permission for Richard Orford to use the surname and bear the arms of his wifes (sic) late father Robert Holt. Richard Orford was from Manchester. It is beautifully hand coloured in very good clean condition with only light wear from age. There are a few small surface bends and a small tear where one of the ribbons had been attached. It comes in its original box. The box is tatty but it could be easily restored."

Orford Holt letters patent

Orford Holt letters patent

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