Wednesday 30 June 2010

A Unicorn resurrected returns home to Lancashire.

Peter Harling's heraldic badge

This week has seen the announcement by Peter Harling Esq. of the receipt of the blazon for his new heraldic badge. Peter says that he was " extremely pleased to receive from Mr Dickinson (Norroy & Ulster) this week, the confirmed blazon for my badge grant. Viz: A Unicorn Sejant Sable armed and unguled and gorged with a collar attached thereto a chain Or reflexed behind the Unicorn and terminating in a Rose Gules barbed and seeded Proper. The spirit behind the design is that the Sejant Sable Unicorn was borne by a branch of my family (now extinct), and it was our family wish to resurrect the Sejant Sable Unicorn and bring it home to Lancashire, hence the chain terminating with a red rose. "

Although Peter has yet to receive his Letters Patent and has not therefore seen his Unicorn in the flesh I have taken the liberty of placing my own interpretation of the blazon at the head of this post. There is something rather romantic about the resurrection of a Unicorn.

Congratulations Peter.

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  1. Thanks Martin for this lovely emblazon of my badge; which has now been seen by both my wife and son, who are extremely delighted with your rendition.
    Kind regards ........... Peter


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