Thursday 31 December 2009

As seen on T.V.

Mrs G. is rather fond of the BBC's property programme Escape to the Country and whilst we were both putting our feet up during the post Christmas wind down I caught sight of an interesting and rather beautiful Cheshire property with a definite Cheshire heraldic interest.

Cottage Buerton

Located in the village of Buerton and featured on the programme in April 2008 the cottage's dining room had the benefit of a fireplace moved from another, much older (but undisclosed), property and installed in its new home in the 1980's.

Buerton Cottage Fireplace

 From left to right (with apologies for the poor quality screen shots):

Buerton cottage armorial fireplace

England dimidiating the Earls of Cheshire

Buerton cottage armorial fireplace


Buerton cottage armorial fireplace

The arms of the City of Chester. The arms Azure, a sword erect Argent hilted Or between three garbs Or. are those known to have been used as the city arms of Chester in 1560 and which can be seen on the bridge at Eastgate Chester. These arms were also used occasionally from 1779 as the Chester Assay Office hallmark.
The arms of the County Council were designed by County Architect F. Anstead Brown, as a commemoration of the Coronation year and the Council's Jubilee. Anstead Brown used the ancient shield of the City of Chester as the base upon which to build his design and, apart from a change in tincture for the sword, the shields are practically the same. Of course the arms of the County Council have the additional supporters, helm and crest etc which the ancient arms do not have.

Most probably from a Leigh house, this is a very fine addition to any home, it just leaves me wondering from whence it came?

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