Monday 9 March 2009

Spot the difference.

I haven't spent much time on the Cheshire Heraldry web site lately. This is mostly because I have to earn a living but when I do get time to indulge my hobbies I have been re-jigging all the images to put into what hopefully will be an illustrated companion, in book form, to the Cheshire Visitations. I have been ably assisted over the years by a number of friends who have been kind enough to proof read the blazons and check the emblazonments but I am still finding mistakes.

I include one such example below for your amusement. Quite apart from the unfathomable reason why I chose to ignore the usual white and yellow for Argent and Or, some of my early mistakes are almost inexcusable. When you look at the example below please bear in mind that the first image was completed over a decade and a half ago. I've put the blazon underneath so you can see where I went wrong. My excuse is that I did many of the images in a rush and you can't proof read your own work. The wolf in the original image was blazoned correctly according to the original blazon but I find, upon checking, that it should have been salient and not sejant!

Spot the difference

Bostock of Churton
Arms: Quarterly -

1.  Sable, a fesse humette Argent, a crescent for difference.
2. Or, a bend Azure [Vernon].
3. Quarterly Or and Gules, a bend Sable [Malbank].
4. Azure, three garbs Or [Randolph Blunderville].
5. Gules, a lion rampant within a bordure indented Or. [Dee].
6. Vert, a bend Ermine. [Wettenhall]
7. Argent, a scythe erect Sable. [Snelstone]
8. Azure, three fishes, two in chief and one in base, their heads meeting in the fesse point Argent. [Troutbeck?]
Over all an escucheon of pretence, per pale Gules and Azure, a wolf salient Or. vulned in the shoulder proper. [Hancky]
Crest: An heraldic antelope passant Argent, armed, mained and tufted Or, a crescent for difference.

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