Thursday 19 February 2009

Shakerley armorial bearings on a meat dish.

The Cheshire Heraldry Society Christmas lunch, held in December of last year, was a very pleasant affair held in The Bells of Peover, Lower Peover. The pub itself might have put on a heraldic display especially for us as the room we were served lunch in was full of heraldry; more will be revealed when I manage to obtain a data cable to allow me to transfer the photos I took with my mobile phone to my computer!

Adjacent to the pub is the Church of St. Oswald's in which can be found, on several of the pews, the crest of the Shakerly baronets (photos promised when I can transfer them to my computer). I left in the Church a print of the arms of the baronet that I had prepared specially for our visit but regret that because of a computer failure I lost the image I had made and so can't reproduce it here ... however, I received today a note from John Allen (he of the Chiltern Heraldry Group) enclosing a photo of the armorial bearings of Shakerley engraved upon the lid of a Sheffield plate meat dish currently being offered for sale through Fellows Auction House in Birmingham.

Shakerley Meat Dish

Fellows Auction House Birmingham 2nd March 2009-02-19
Estimate £100 - £150
“A George III Old Sheffield Plate oval part fluted meat dish cover with a later beaded handle, a nulled finial, a fluted band an inset panel engraved with an armorial, 20.5 x 16 inches (52.5 x 40 cm). The arms of SHAKERLEY of Somerford Park, Cheshire. Sir Charles Shakerley was created a baronet in 1838 and married 1st. (1819) Laure, daughter of the Duc d'Avaray and 2nd. (1831) Jessie Scott of Rotherfield Park, Hants. He traced his ancestry back to Geoffrey Shakerley of Shakerley, Lancs. (temp Henry VII) and numbered John Legh of Booths, Robert Grosvenor of Hulme and Sir Randal Mainwaring of Over Peover among his ancestors. The arms of these important Cheshire families are among the many enthusiastically but unconventionally quartered in this engraving.”

Shakerly armorial bearings

I have made a stab at the quarterings as follows:

1st Qtr – Argent, a chevron Vert between three molehills of the second. [Shakerley]
2nd Qtr – (Alan thinks this is Wanervile?)
3rd Qtr – Azure, two bars Argent overall a bend Gules [Legh, Knutsford Booths Co. Chester]
4th Qtr – Or, a lion rampant Gules [Leigh of High Leigh, or West Hall]
5th Qtr – Per pale Argent and Sable, three boars passant in pale counterchanged [called Swineyard]
{From Leigh of Swinehead and Leigh of Northwood
Arms: Quarterly -
1 & 4 [Or] a lion rampant [Gules] charged with a mullet
2 & 3 Per pale Argent and Sable three boars statant in pale, counterchanged [Called Swinehead]  Cheshire Visitations }
6th Qtr – (Alan thinks this one is Milbourne)
7th Qtr – Or, three lozenges Azure [Baguley]
8th Qtr – Argent, a fess dancete Gules. [Chedle or Cheadle]
{from  Clementia (de Chedle) nupta Will'mo filio Rob't de Baggulegh}
9th Qtr – Eaton
10th Qtr – Quarterly Or and Gules a bend Sable.[Malbank]
11th Qtr – Could be Argent, a cross of four ermine spots ( the heads meeting in the centre) Sable. [Hurleston] Though probably not! {Possibly - Argent, a cross formee Sable, the ends flory Or. [Newton] } Or it could be Argent, a cross formee fleury Sable.  [Swinnerton]
12th Qtr – Azure, a chevron between three coronets Or [probably Corona]
13th Qtr – Azure, a garb Or. [Grosvenor]
14th Qtr – Argent, two chevrons on a canton Gules a mullet of the field [Orreby]. [Alan thinks this is Warburton but the Warburton mullet is Or, this one appears to be Argent}
15th Qtr – Sable, a buck lodged Argent. [Downes of Downes and Tarhall or Chorley]
16th Qtr – Sable a cross patonce Argent [Pulford]
17th Qtr – ?                                                                                                                                            18th Qtr – Azure, three pheasants Or [Fesant]
19th Qtr – Argent, two bars Gules [Mainwaring of Peover]
20th Qtr – Azure three garbs Or [Randolph Blundeville].
21st Qtr – Azure a wolf's head erased Argent  [Hugh Lupus]
22nd Qtr - Is this one Sable, a double headed eagle displayed Argent?

Feel free to comment.

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  1. Hollingworth Hall5 May 2010 at 08:34

    Re: 22nd Qtr - Is this one Sable, a double headed eagle displayed Argent?

    I also have this symbol in my own family's arms: Hollingworth of Hollingworth, Mottram Church window. I believe the arms are the family de Gren or de Grene of Thurgland Yorks. I hope this helps.

    Simon Hollingworth


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