Friday 9 May 2008

SCARCE The Observers Book of Heraldry

This one made me really smile!

I noticed on ebay this morning that someone in the USA is attempting to sell The Observers Book of Heraldry by Charles MacKinnon of Dunakin for the princely sum of $22.00 (approximately £11.27) on a Buy It Now option. The seller appears to be specifically targeting UK buyers and is offering shipping to the UK at an additional $10.30. So, if you live in the UK and you are daft enough to buy this book from this seller it will cost you a total of $32.30 (approximately £16.54).

The ebay entry is headed " SCARCE The Observers Book of Heraldry UK Coat of Arms 1966".

Scarce!!??? It may be scarce in the USA but trying to sell one to the UK market is like taking coal to Newcastle. Every antiques fair I've ever visited has been awash with these little books and most are offered for sale at 99p!

If you live in the UK and you're prepared to pay sixteen quid for one of these books drop me a line - I'll sell you one for fifteen quid including post and packing and donate my profit to charity.

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  1. It might not be scarce but it is a great wee book which packs a lot of punch considering its small size. I read it when I was 9 or 10 and fell in love with heraraldy there and then.


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