Monday, 29 October 2007

Talbot Letters Patent sold on Ebay

I would be surprised if most Internet competent heraldry enthusiasts didn't keep a weather eye on Ebay, I certainly do and I have on the odd occasion found myself a bargain. Some items offered for sale though are rather difficult to put a value on; one example is the recent sale of the Letters Patent of Sir William John Talbot.

The Letters Patent of Sir John record a grant of arms from the College of Arms went under the hammer for only £106 on the 12th September 2007. Described as The Armorial Bearings of Sir William John Talbot - Illuminated Manuscript, handwritten and painted by "The Royal College of Arms" 1935 [22" x 22"] Excellent condition for age.

I hope it went to someone in the Talbot family.

I captured the images and reproduce them below for your interest:


  1. [...] recently as 29th October I reported the sale of the Letters Patent of the armorial bearings of Sir William John Talbot and now report that a library painting of the same arms has just fallen under the hammer for [...]

  2. This is my great grandfather - Sir William Talbot. My father David Farrow Talbot has a great portrait of him.


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