Saturday 18 August 2007

Unidentified Fax Receipts

From time to time I receive unidentified Faxes pertaining to heraldry, sometimes even with a focus on heraldry in Cheshire. I have no idea who sends these faxes as they arrive from a withheld number. I have no doubt that whoever is sending them thinks that they are being helpful and I have no wish to discourage their good intentions ..... however the material faxed has so far never been unknown to me and, to be frank, the sending of information, especially pictures, by way of a fax, is a complete waste of time.

By way of example I show below a fax I received yesterday. Whoever has sent the fax has taken the trouble to print out a page from the College of Arms web site and then sent it me (by fax). As you can see, the image, by the time it reaches me, is abysmal:

I would like to appeal to whoever is sending these faxes - Whatever your good intentions, you are wasting your money on telephone (fax) charges!

Practically all of the information you have sent to me is known by me and because your faxes are not accompanied by any text I have no idea if you are attempting to either point me in the direction of information or ask me a question. If you are pointing me in the direction of information, it would be much easier if you simply sent me a link to the web page you have just taken the trouble to print off and the expense to fax to me. If you are wishing to ask a question ... please do so. If you are attempting to send me a picture to use on the web site a fax will be useless.

I don't mind continually receiving such faxes but when you send them, please be aware that it is costing you money and it is a wasted exercise unless you say why you are sending them!

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