Thursday, 28 June 2007

Two down - one to go!

Well. I have now finished the Visitations of 1613 and the last page can be accessed here:

The last image to go into the 1613 folder was the arms of Wyche, of Davenham

Arms (in trick):
1 and 4, Azure, a pile Ermine [WYCHE]
2 and 3, Argent, on a chevron Gules [Sable?] three trefoils slipped of the field [BRETT].

Crest: An arm embowed vested Argent, cuff Ermine, the hand proper holding a trefoil slipped Vert.

[This Coate was confirmed & the creast graunted unto Tho: Wyche of Davenham p William Flower Norroy in the 29 yeare of Quene Elyza: Ao 1587.]

 Now I just have to do the images and web pages for the 1663 Visitations .. ho hum.

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